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Your Hosts

Bodil is the mother of three boys born 1993, 95 and 98. She and her husband David have been married since 1989.  Bodil grew up in Bergen, Norway and came to the USA to study when she was 18. She is a free lance photographer by profession. Family is everything :)

Bodil's sister Ragna makes most of the delicious cakes and snacks and together with her husband Kenneth helps with the maintenance of Norsyn.

Bodil and Ragna's father, Bestefar Edgar was always available to give advice  and support when needed but sadly passed away in May 2021.

Reidun & Edgar

Reidun and Edgar bought the property in the late 1960's and built Norsyn themselves.  They stayed in a smaller version of the guest cottage, three small children in tow,  with no running water or electricity and built the main cottage in their spare time.  Askøy was only accessible by ferry at that time.  Much of the building material was brought in by boat.  Bestemor and Bestefar decided to sell Norsyn when Edgar retired.  David and Bodil bought the property in 2005 and have since used it as a summer home when they come to Norway to visit family.

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