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car trip to the fjords

Epic views of valleys mountains and fjords, UNESCO World Heritage sites.


culture in Bergen

Tour homes and museums.  Visit churches and parks.


waterfall safari

Fulll day tour to some of the most picrturesque waterfalls in the region.  

Norsyn 2008 061a.jpg

walking tour in Bergen

Learn more about this beautiful city, the second largest in Norway.


hiking trips

Endless hiking opportunities in the seven mountains surrounding Bergen.


fishing trips and boat rides

Spending time on the water is one of the most popular activities at Norsyn.



Bergen is one of the oldest shopping destinations in the world.

valleys mountains 

fjords waterfalls


full day tour

We'll start early morning from Norsyn and drive to Dale, where we can visit the famous sweater factory and outlet. From Dale we'll continue through Voss and a stop at the most visited waterfall in Norway, Tvindefossen. Next we'll drive to Stalheim Hotel to visit the popular terrace with epic views of the Nærøydalen Valley (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). When you are done enjoying the view and taking some memorable photos we'll drive via the steep hairpin turns of Stalheimskleiva Road, Europe's steepest road, to the valley floor and visit the ancient village Gudvangen. From Gudvangen you will embark on a 1.5 hour cruise to the beautiful secluded Undredalen (The Wonder Valley) on the spectacular Aurlandsfjord, where I will meet you with the car.  From Undredalen we continue to Flåm and Aurland where we drive the narrow mountain road to Stegastein viewpoint (a 90 ft  long lookout point above Aurland and Aurlandsfjord at 2100 ft above sea level). Depending on time a trip to a second waterfall named Skjervsfossen and also the little village Bakka ten minutes from Gudvangen is a possibility.

full day tour

Nærøyfjord - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the narrowest fjords in Norway.

Troll by Stalheim! Can you see him?

Stave Church in Undredalen - The Wonder Valley. Smallest Stavechurch in Northern Europe.

Road to Undredalen - the Wonder Valley - connects with E16. Before 1988 Undredalen was only accessible by boat.

Tvidefossen, one of the most visited waterfalls in Norway.

View from Gudvangen. Nærøyfjorden.

River by Voss.

Stegastein viewpoint 2100 feet above Aurland and Aurlandsfjord.

The road to Bakka, ten minutes from Gudvangen directly on the Nærøyfjord.

Hairpin turns at Stalheim.

Lookout from the famous terrace at Stalheim Hotel of the UNESCO World Heritage site Nærøydalen Valley.

River by Stalheim.

walking tour in Bergen


a city with a small town charm

Bergen is the second largest city in Norway with a small-town charm and atmosphere. As a World Heritage City and as The Gateway to the Fjords of Norway,  the city has attracted visitors for more than 900 years.  

Your host is very familiar with Bergen, A UNESCO World Heritage City. Some of the highlights from a walking trip are the UNESCO Heritage Site Bryggen, a trip with the Funicular to Mt. Fløyen, the National Theatre and Bergenhus Fortress. The Fishmarket is a must see as well as Torgallmenningen, the common meeting place with the Seamen's Monument. We will walk past the lake Lille Lungårdsvann with the fountain and the beautiful gazebo nearby. We will see several churches including the 800 year old Mariakirken and Johanneskirken with the tallest spire at 61 meters. You will get to see the building where the Gestapo headquarters were during WWII and a memorial for their victims. The Railway station is one of the grandest in Norway.

This beautiful, charming city offers lots of experiences and photo opportunities! 

walking tour

Bryggen - A UNESCO World Heritage Site with the 800 year old Mariakirken to the left.

The spectacular view from Mt.Fløyen

Bryggen with Mt. Fløyen and the Funicular.

View from the town wharf.

Having a refreshment at Bryggen with friends - please note bars and restaurants are not included.

Fisketorget - the famous fish market with MT. Ulriken in the background.

Fisketorget, the fish market.

Bergen Harbor with the tall ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl.

Skansen Fire Station built in 1903 after a big city fire. It was closed in 1969.

View of Bergen harbor from Kleppestø on Askøy.


Johanneskirken with the tallest tower 61m.


One of many beautiful sculptures in the city center.

Cobblestone streets detail of the tall ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl, Bryggen, the Funicular, the gondola, and fortress with Haakonshallen and Rosenkrantz Tower.


View towards Den Nationale Scene - the oldest theatre in Bergen

Detail from Bryggen.

Musician at Bryggen.



Cozy streets behind Bryggen.

View from Mt. Fløyen with Askøy across the fjord

Detail outside the Funicular.

Quaint neighborhoods.

Charming streets and architecture.

Street art.

Bryggen at sunset.

Bergen Magic Ice Bar. Please note admission to and bills from bars and restaurants are not included.

fishing trips and

boat rides

You will have access to a small boat with a 15 horsepower outboard engine. Your host can bring you to favorite fishing spots and also give you a tour of the area in the vicinity of Norsyn.  The small islands nearby are picturesque and the geology is quite interesting. We mostly catch haddock, coalfish and the occasional cod.  The fish will be cleaned, filleted and cooked for dinner if you so desire. The days are long and going for an evening fishing trip is peaceful and feeds the soul regardless of the catch. Sunsets can be amazing.

fishing trips

On our way out in the islands.

Flat calm day - perfect for exploring the fjord and try our luck at fishing.

The current boat with a 15 horsepower outboard engine.

In addition to fishing rods we also use hand lines quite successfully.

Haddock called lyr in Norwegian.

This is a type of cod fish called Lange in Norwegian caught directly by Norsyn . It is over 300 feet deep in many areas.

Another haddock (or lyr in Norwegian) caught from Norsyn with a fishing rod.

A small catch enough for dinner or some fishcakes perhaps?

Back from a successful fishing trip.

Interesting geology.

The interesting geology on the mountainside.

Fish for dinner :)

We usually have luck catching crabs right by the cottage.

Male crab caught at Norsyn.

A picnic in the islands. On a warm day it is tempting to go swimming.

Cruising around and exploring the vicinity.

Flat calm. Peace.

Trip with the boat.

Trip to the islands in the Hjeltefjord outside Norsyn.

The end of a fabulous day with lots of memories.

An evening fishing trip.

Many fishing rods are available as well as hand lines.

Amazing sunsets.

Culture in Bergen

The renowned Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg and the violin virtuoso Ole Bull are both from Bergen and their homes Troldhaugen and Lysøen (the island of light) are popular tourist destinations.  The grounds of the royal residence Gamlehaugen is open to the public and is close to Fantoft Stave Church. The oldest church in Bergen, Mariakirken is over 800 years old and is usually open for tours.  There are ample museums to visit as well. Among the parks in Bergen is a botanical garden.


Gamlehaugen, royal castle in Bergen.

The Pavilion downtown Bergen.

Looking towards the theatre Den Nationale Scene.

The fountain in Lille Lungården.

Statue by the harbor

The hut at Edvard Grieg's home where he composed a lot of his music.

To scale statue of Grieg.

Concert hall at Edvard Grieg's home Troldhaugen.

Mother and son Statue next to the theatre.

Statue of the famous violin virtuoso Ole Bull.

Detail from the fisherman's monument in Bergen.

Detail from the fisherman's monument in Bergen.

Street art.

Lysøen, "the island of light", home of violin virtuoso Ole Bull.

The old town hall in the center of Bergen.

Fantoft Stavechurch in Bergen.

Fantoft Stavechurch in Bergen

Fantoft Stavechurch in Bergen

hiking trips


hikes for all skill levels

The seven mountains surrounding Bergen are ideal for exploring and provides endless hiking opportunities.  The panorama views make it easy to understand why the locals can't get enough of the outdoors. A short stroll or a full day hike and everything in between are all possibilities.

*Many thanks to my sister in law Sissel for her beautiful hiking pictures!



in and around Bergen 

Downtown Bergen provides shopping in historic surroundings like Bryggen and the fish market. There are three shopping malls in the core of Bergen and several centers outside of Bergen. Dale of Norway has a factory outlet which we usually visit on the one day tour to the fjords.  The Janus Factory outside Bergen specializes in wool clothing and has an outlet store as well.


Waterfall Safari

The Waterfall Safari goes east from Bergen towards the picturesque village of Norheimsund and the Hardangerfjord. The Hardangerfjord starts at the Atlantic Ocean south of Bergen and reaches 179 km east into Norway.  It is deepest at 860 meters right outside of Norheimsund.  On the way we will pass the popular vacation spot at Kvamskogen and the drive over the mountain is beautiful.  The first big waterfall is Fossen Bratte. The battle at Fossen Bratte on April 22, 1940 has become a symbol of the Norwegian wartime spirit of resistance and sacrifice.  Not far up the road we will stop at Steinsdalsfossen.  With a 50 meter fall and walking path behind the waterfall it is one of the most popular in Norway.  

The tour continues along the breathtaking views of the Hardangerfjord and eventually goes north towards Skjervsfossen. It has two falls in succession and drops 150 meters.  There is a hiking path along the waterfall and the newly renovated restrooms are a must see.  A little further north we will find Tvindefossen east of Voss.  It is known for its beauty and is one of the most visited waterfalls in Norway.  From Tvindefossen it is a two hour ride back to Norsyn.

Waterfall Safari

A smaller waterfall at the beginning of the tour, but worth a stop.

Fossen Bratte

Fossen Bratte


Steinsdalsfossen from the walkway behind the waterfall.


Steinsdalsfossen from the walkway behind the waterfall.






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