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viking sacrifice

When Bodil and David bought Norsyn Ragna (Bodil's sister) was able to fulfill one of her childhood dreams and do what we now call the Viking Sacrifice.  Bestemor and Bestefar never allowed it but in the summer of 2005 Ragna was the first to jump of the cliff by the cottage and into the North Sea! It is approximately a 26 foot drop depending on the tide.  The ocean is 300 ft deep right there and the cliff curves in so there is no danger of hitting anything but the ocean.  We have put a 10 year age limit on the sacrifice and all who do it get a t-shirt!  The jump-off point was named Ragna Point in 2018.

a note about the weather

It rains on average 239 days every year in Bergen.  The jewelry for the Bergensbunad, the National costume from Bergen, is designed with umbrellas and raindrops.  However we have a saying that "There is no such thing as bad weather, only poor clothing!"  As any other place we cannot control the weather and guarantee sunshine.  Norsyn and Bergen offers plenty of things to do even if it rains.  We recommend packing some good rain gear and you will enjoy this beautiful, charming place rain or shine :)

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