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Nathanael and Sarah Worley review of Norsyn vacation July 2022


We just came back from a week’s stay with Bodil Perkins at Norsyn, and we can hardly wait to return! Our trip included everything Bodil promised on the website: delicious, healthy meals, a gorgeous setting right on the fjord, all the activity we wanted-boating, fishing, swimming, hiking, touring Bergen. And somehow the actual experience was even more magical than we expected.


The Norsyn cottage had everything we wanted: a fully equipped kitchen, a fridge stocked with fresh food and Norwegian treats, a brilliantly comfortable bed, brand new bathroom, and a cozy living room with breathtaking views across the fjord. With daylight lingering till almost 11:00pm, we stayed up after dinner watching weather systems come and go from the North Sea and brilliant sunsets linger for almost an hour. All day long we drank coffee and read on the patio.


The fjord was the center of our stay: whether swimming, or casting off the ledge outside, or boating to one of Bodil’s favorite fishing or swimming spots. She filleted the fish we caught, made fish soup from the leftover parts, and caught snow crabs right off the dock. We have never eaten so well. Ragna, Bodil’s sister, brought us extraordinary fresh-baked cakes, and she made us lefse from scratch. We felt so spoiled.


All this left us plenty of time for outings to Bergen, a lovely city nestled between mountain hikes and fjord cruises, with a world class fish market, shopping, history, and culture. 


We felt completely restored by our time there, a true holiday from our hectic daily lives.


-Nathanael & Sarah Worley, Boston, Massachusetts, July 2022


Article in CEO World Magazine - February 2020

On February 24 th 2020, the CEO of CEO World Magazine, Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj published an article about Visit Norsyn and The Wolf Den mountain cabin . Here is the link to the article: 

NORSYN – My Norwegian Experience August 2018 ~ Joanne Warren, Massachusetts

 I can't imagine a more authentic Norwegian experience than a stay with Bodil at NORSYN.

Our host's  bright and cozy cottage NORSYN is directly on the fjord offering fishing, hiking, boating, (my favorite) raspberry picking or relaxing on the patio.  We caught coalfish; Bodil cleaned the fish and prepared fish cakes from her family recipe – Oh My Goodness – the deliciousness!

 Bodil planned and happily guided our day trips sharing lots of local knowledge and plenty of options.  All of my needs were met ~ one of the best trips of my life.  FUN.  FUN.  FUN.

#NORSYN #fjords #fun #fishing #coalfish #waterfalls #rasperries #trolls #Bergen #funicular


We had the pleasure of visiting and staying at Norsyn 10 years ago, it was a trip we’ll never forget. The views are amazing from the fjords, standing on top of the granite is breathtaking. We were lucky to have a personal tour guide to take us around the countryside; the people of Norway are lovely and welcoming. The Fish market of Bergen is something to not miss, possibly the freshest fish we’ve ever had! The accommodations at Norsyn were cozy and comfortable. An amazing huge breakfast awaited us every morning with huge smiles. The pride of Norway shines bright at Norsyn an unforgettable journey awaits! We cannot wait for our next adventure this summer when we return!


Lisa & Jay Roney


From beginning to end, our time in Norway was perfect.  Bodil arranged our stay so we had ample time to relax and plenty of time to experience the incredible beauty of this country.  Her historical knowledge of the region as well as her insight to paths less travelled were an added bonus.  Staying at her secluded “hut” overlooking a fjord was tremendous.  I would recommend this authentic adventure for those that enjoy hiking, sightseeing and overall want to see places you never expected.

Lauré Warren

If you have the chance to be lucky enough to get to Norway, there is no other place to stay to capture the true Norwegian culture then at Norsyn, home of the Perkins family. I did get the chance to stay there and need to express my regret in having to leave! Such a charming homestead, how happy I am that I got to go… The rustic house that gives a true authentic feel to the beauty that surrounds you, with true deep blue sea in front of you, walks to take in, nature surrounding you and the wild raspberries that can be handpicked on a walk. Catching fish from where you are staying and being able to watch them being prepared right away gives a guest fun to know they only had to cast a rod, and if not up to it watching the hostess do it is quite fun as well! Taking in boat rides, picnicking while out and swimming, keeps you amazed at the beauty surrounding you. Discovering nature around you- Early sunrises and late night suppers are enchanting to say the least…. The skies so full of stars, keeps the wanderlust alive around you.

I have memories of a lifetime from my stay at Norsyn, and my trip to Norway. I am so thankful for this trip, and stay…. Don’t hesitate to book yourself –You are in for a true majestic experience…..

Beth Oleson

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