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an all-inclusive, traditional and authentic cottage vacation


about us

Welcome to Norsyn! An all-inclusive, behind the scenes, traditional and authentic Norwegian cottage vacation. Experience how some of the happiest people in the world (UN report 2019) spend their free time! Your stay will be scheduled around your interests. You will have a local driver and guide fluent in English and Norwegian.  The tour starts when you are ready; no stress! Your host does not stay at Norsyn but is available when needed.  Location is ideal; ocean views surround this beautiful, authentic, private and peaceful cottage outside Bergen, the gateway to the fjords in Norway.

About us


Gallery from Norsyn

Living room with view towards the fjord Hjeltefjorden.

Living room

Map of the cottage location with Bergen in the bottom right corner .

The path to the cottage. It is a two minute walk down along the path to the cottage from the parking area. Some guests last year named it "The Hobbit Path" :)

The path to the cottage. It is a two minute walk down along the path to the cottage from the parking area. Some guests last year named it the hobbit path :)

A relaxing evening with snacks and quiet. A good book, yahtzee, some knitting or a movie perhaps?

Living room with the cozy wood stove.

Main bedroom with a queen size bed, sink and bureau.

Main bedroom with a queen size bed, sink and bureau.

Main bedroom with a queen size bed, sink and bureau.

Newly renovated bath

Full size bed in the loft of the main cottage sleep two children or one adult comfortably.

Kitchen with everything you need. Back to basics, small but efficient.

Guest cottage with a queen size bed.

Guest cottage.

Guest cottage interior with a queen size bed.

Our boat with a 15 hp outboard engine!

Small whales named "nise" in Norwegian visit from time to time! Many times we hear them before we see them.

Although the North Sea is fairly cold we usually find days when it is quite comfortable to take a swim and we try to swim across the fjord at least once every summer.

View from Norsyn.

Seagulls enjoying the result of a successful fishing trip. They get all the parts we don't use!

The ever changing view!

Large table on the patio outside to enjoy delicious and relaxing meals.

Almost every day you can see cruise ships heading for and leaving Bergen.

Sunset from the living room!

Off for a ride.


Heading home to the cottage after a boat ride.

Fire at night . In the distance an oil platform heading out to sea. The oil industry fuels the Norwegian economy.

Food at norsyn


The menu will consist of traditional Norwegian food.  Prep and cleanup of meals is included.


Breakfast and lunch – fresh breads, eggs, salmon, bacon, sausage, cheese, jams, yogurt,

fruit, juice, coffee, tea

Dinners – fish, fish soup, fish cakes (all from fish caught at the cottage), meat cakes, grill food, salmon, salads, sparkling water, soda, wine and beer

Snacks – waffles with sour cream and jam, crackers and cheese, home made cakes, fruit and nuts.

Packed lunch or snacks to go as you choose.

Please note:

Restaurant bills and bars tabs/bar entrance fees are not included!



Homemade waffles, sour cream, jam and fruit.

Fish soup from fish caught at Norsyn.

Different meats and sausages, salted and smoked.

Shrimp salad, feta cheese and vegetables.

Shrimp ready for shrimp night.

Shrimp night, peeling your own shrimp, fresh bread, majo and lemon. Wine. A slow meal perfect for socializing and making memories.

Always different types of fresh breads and baguettes.

Shrimp night. A slow meal perfect for socializing.

Smoked pork chops, a summer favorite with potato salad and green salad.

Smoked pork, a summer tradition, and salads.

Homemade fishcakes made with fish caught at Norsyn, potato salad and green salad.

Ready to make the delicious fishcakes!

Homemade fishcakes made with fish from a successful fishing trip.

Crab caught at Norsyn.

Ragna's traditional Norwegian cakes.

Wild raspberries picked near Norsyn and Ragna's cheesecake.

Ragna's cheesecake, light and tasty, not too sweet. Always a favorite.

Wild raspberries picked near Norsyn.

Ice tea.

Fresh fruits.

Cream cake, or "bløtekake" in Norwegian, with fruit. Always served for birthdays and other special occasions

Fresh fruits.

One of Ragna's homemade cakes with macaroons and fresh fruit.

Possibility to pick your own raspberries when in season and if you enjoy it.

Wild blueberries at Norsyn when in season..

Wild blueberries from Norsyn.

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